In 1986, Amorn Gems International Co., Ltd. was found by Mr. Amorn and Mrs. Nipaporn Amornpongchai. Located on Silom Road, the gemstone district of Bangkok, the company specializes in finest cutting of loose sapphires with various shapes such as Oval, Round, Octagon, Princess and Marquise. For over 20 years, Amorn Gems has become one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of loose sapphires. Each stone is the masterpiece of great creativity - the best quality of the perfect cut, exquisite shapes, and real natural color.

...years later In 1992, Mr. and Mrs. Amornpongchai established Master Diamond Co., Ltd, the manufacturer and distributor of the world-renowned "Bangkok Cut Diamond" The company continues to focus on the finest cutting and the finest quality diamonds. With attention to every detail in cutting, each stone meets the exact standards that today's market demands. The patience and craftsmanship of Thai highly-skilled cutters shine in every piece of diamonds sold in our store.

With the expertise in the gemstone industry, the company proudly created Master Jewelry in 2007. Master Jewelry focuses on creating stunningly beautiful pieces of art, using the finest quality of diamonds and loose stones on the market. Master Jewelry is committed to offering the highest quality product through elegant design, expert craftsmanship, and unparalleled integrity.